about me
(or who is this lilu person, anyway?)

So, there's the easy way, and the hard way to do this. I like both of them. X3 So here's the way we're going to do this. I'm going to write up a little stats sheet on me, and make it as generally universal as possible. And you're all going to go "oh, well then. o_O". And there will be sense, and logic, and that will make the world explode. :D Shall we continue? Let's. All right then! Sally forth!

Name: Lindsay Buck

Nicknames: Lilu, L, Rabs

Birthday: 5 July, 1985 (and I hate it, and we never celebrate it because of this. So there.)

Current residence: Boyertown, PA, USA

High school: Oley Valley High School, graduated 06.06.03

College: 1 year at University of Pittsburgh, several credit hours at Reading Area Community College, very little desire to go back.

Family: Mother (Deirdre), Father (J. Gregory, parapellegic, lives in Florida), Step-dad (Gary, call him Dad), Sisters (1.5, Tiffany (full-sister), Tara (half-sister, no contact)), Brothers (1.5 +2, Tyler (full-brother), Joe Jr (half-brother, no contact), Mike & Tim (step-brothers)), four cats (Luna, Artemis, Sebastian, & Ivan (my little terror)), one dog (Chessie, yellow lab), several fish (O_o if I could find them...)

Hobbies: Avoiding said family, regardless of living with them. Reading (I go through books like fire through greasy rags.). Writing (short stories and weird psycho fiction of scifi-ness). Watching old science fiction movies and series. Talking to people online (obviously).

Occupation: Currently I'm employed part-time as a childcare aide with three-year-olds at the local YMCA. I so need a new job. One with full-time hours, benefits, and just middle-aged jerks, not little kids.

Goals/aspirations/etc: To become a published author. To get married, and have a houseful of kids. To be a surrogate mother at least once. To change the world for the better. To light the US government on fire, and to set up a socialist collective in its place.

And, because you all cared so much about that, have photos. Ohh, shiny things definitely make your brain stop hurting. ^^

Photos taken by Quissie, during my trip out to California to visit her, August, 2005:
Uny drew a suva on my arm ^_^.
I do what the voices in the produce tell me to.
Sitting in the park.
Do what I say, or the rabbit cookie EATS YOU!
I am tall and blurry.

Special thanks to everyone who thinks I need a million pictures taken of me. XD Photos copyright to their respective photographers.

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