frequently asked questions
(or not)

What does "discalced" mean? And why'd you choose it for a domain?
It's a term that refers to religious orders, meaning barefooted, or wearing sandals. As for a domain? I have the word marked with a little origami cicada in a big old dictionary of mine, because I always liked the sound of it. Why not make a domain of it?

Obviously you're a writer. How long have you been writing?
Like every lame writer on the net, I have crazy psycho stories dating back to elementary school. I've been writing for COD since 2001. I've been seriously working my bum off to get up to publishing-quality writing since late 2003.

How do you make your graphics?
Ah, ancient lapine secret. ^_~ No, actually, I usually just go "la la la, I want/have to draw something" and load up GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Then, I mouse out sketches, and I refine it all in several layers, and have a field day. I used to do PSP7, but GIMP's free, so all I really use PSP for anymore is compressing my jpgs so they keep their colors but at a smaller size. Go me.

Sometimes if I can't get a look right mousing it out, I'll sketch what I'm trying to do, and I'll reference the sketch, but my cg and my sketches have very different styles, mostly because I don't believe cg needs to be especially realistic so much as a friendly suggestion of realism. So, yes. Also, I don't have a scanner, or the patience to do single-pixel outlines unless I have to. ^^

Who are you? What's your story?
That's all in the bio section, lovey.

How come there's not more questions?
Because, obviously, no one asks me anything like ever, and I had to make these up. If you have a question or something that ends in a question mark, feel free to contact me and ask away!

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