(happy internetting!)

These are shiny sites that I think all the internet needs to know about. They're separated into friends', forums, cyberpets, and technical. Links and brief descriptions are provided.

Friends' pages
Cyberpet sites of shiny
Technical sites

Friends' pages
Project NOS -- Good IRL friend Kari's art and fiction hub. Very pretty to look at and read.
Indy's Lair -- Captain Indy's website! Now with added content!
Dracogrex -- Amsy's website. Also pretty to look at. Also pretty to read. XD
Pegaruny -- Website of Pega and Uny. Constantly being updated, so you may not get more than a splash page that says "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". XD

Nowhere Realm -- Home to the NRBC and Bishen roleplay areas.
Orchard Messagepost -- Cyberpetting forum, full of wild and zany and warm and cuddly people.
Cross Fusion Hybrid Forum -- Kari's psycho forum for VM and structured and whatever else roleplay.

Cyberpetting Links
Bishen Realm -- Mmmm *__* Bishen. Gorgeous dragons I can't begin to do justice. One of my favourite adoptions evah.
Veniam Mactare -- Ring of sister sites, owned by Kari, Ams, and me. Unique and psychotic dragons available.
Nexus Nooks -- Doesn't adopt, but a huge list of adoption sites. Part of the Kshau Protectorate.
Midnight Dreams Dragon Adoption Agency -- Adopts the Silver Valley Dragons. Very cute things. ^^
Edge of Shadows -- Myrror's cyberpetting hub. Mostly down, with some exceptions. Very unique style.

GNU Image Manipulation Program -- Info and portals to download the GIMP. Very shiny free art program, for those of us who can't/don't want to buy PSP or Adobe.
Hijack This -- Info and portals to download Hijack This spyware smitey stick of death, c/o Don't use this if you're a computer idiot. You're liable to delete something important. >_>;

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